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Cover Any Outdoor Area from Weather Conditions

In any outdoor location, weather is always a factor. It can be difficult to plan events because you can't completely predict the weather, plus vehicles and structures are constantly exposed to the damaging effects of Mother Nature.

The easy solution to weather conditions is to install a Superior Shade structure or canopy. Peruse our selection online or in our print catalog to see how our shade structures and canopies can help you.

Protection From Weather Conditions

A shade offers an easy way to protect people and property from everyday and unexpected weather conditions. It provides cover from the harsh heat of the sun, and the UV shade fabric provides protection from UV rays to help prevent skin cancer.

The shade will also block rain, hail, bird droppings and other conditions that can damage a structure or ruin an event. You and your property will be protected under a shade canopy or shade sail. Our shade sails, too, are designed to handle inclement weather.

Types of Shade Structures

Superior Shade offers a wide selection of products that can provide cover at your home, or at a business or public outdoor area. We offer large and small covers in fixed and custom shapes to fit a variety of areas.

You can choose from umbrellas, sails, hips, polygon shades, cantilevers and custom shades. All of these options come in varying sizes and designs. Look through our online or print catalog to see our wide selection.

How to Use Our Shade Covers

Superior Shade's sails and structures fit many purposes. They are perfect for covering outdoor areas like a pool, park or playground. You can create a carport shade canopy for your vehicle and provide protection from the weather for outdoor events with a shade sail or cantilever.

Whatever your need and location, we're sure to have a shade that will match your situation. Our commercial-grade shades can handle a wide range of outdoor areas and purposes. Feel free to peruse our products and contact us if you have any questions or need to be pointed in the right direction.

High-Quality Shades

Our commercial-grade products fit the needs of both homes and businesses. We make all of our products with high-quality materials and craftsmanship that can withstand rough weather conditions. We create sails and canopies that are pleasing to look at, durable and cost effective.

Each shade is crafted of UV shade fabric that features Kevlar-reinforced corners for strength and double folded hems for durability. Each shade uses high-quality PTFE threading. We make all of our shades to the same quality standards, from one coast to the other.

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View the Superior Shade online catalog or request a print catalog to see our wide selection of shade sails and structures.

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